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NV-Manager is a scalable multiserver web hosting solution. It has many advanced features and a sophisticated billing system to automate and improve your web hosting tasks. NV-Manager was designed to work on many servers and can be scaled by adding more web, mail, database, and DNS servers without any downtime. It provides a simple, easy-to-use web interface that can be maintained from any computer with internet connection. NV-Manager was written in Java and works with any SQL-compliant database. It runs only industry standard software.

Full-featured Admin Control Panel

Resellers act as completely independent hosting providers, while selling your resources. Each reseller gets an independent admin control panel, which gives them the power to create their own plans, provide customer support and perform all other administrative tasks.

Complete Branding

Resellers can have their own CP URL, DNS server names, company information, corporate logos and all other parameters visible from the user's control panel. Resellers appear to end customers as totally independent hosting providers. Furthermore, reseller control panels are inaccessible by IP, which excludes the possibility of accidental or intentional visits to your control panel.

Independent Billing

Billing for Resellers is a completely independent system. Resellers also have plan wizards to create plans with their own prices for each individual resource, including setup, recurrent, and extra fees. Also, it's resellers who decide whether to offer trial hosting and how many free units will be included in their plans, create various payment intervals with discounts for each type of fee, debit and credit individual accounts, set fees for additional services, etc.

    4RWeb Panel offers the highest level of web-hosting operations by providing:
  • Complete automation for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows platforms
  • Billing solution
  • Over 20 Supported Merchant Gateways
  • Flexibility at all levels
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Private label resellers
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Comprehensive set of hosting features

How does it work?

    4RWeb Panel consists of several parts:
  • Central Control Panel server (Linux)
  • Internal Oracle or PostgreSQL Database (Linux, FreeBSD)
  • DNS servers (Linux, FreeBSD)
  • Mail servers (Linux, FreeBSD)
  • User MySQL/PostgreSQL Database Servers (Linux, FreeBSD)
  • Web Servers (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows)

The heart of 4RWeb Panel is the Control Panel Server. It knows about every other server in the configuration. Control Panel Server manages all new machines, users, domains, and events behind the scene. When a user enters the system and creates a new account, the control panel server dispatches commands to DNS, Mail, and Web servers to configure themselves. It also writes all the information about user into its database. From this moment on, 4RWeb Panel knows which computers the account resides on, the properties of the account, how it is billed and any other information it might need to know. All settings are configured in real time.


Hardware and Operating Systems 4RWeb Panel can be installed on any number of computers. A minimum configuration can be installed on one box, but more is recommended. An 4RWeb Panel configuration includes the following servers:
Server #1: Control Panel
Server #2: Unix Web Server (can be more than one)
Server #3: Mail Server (can be more than one)
Server #4: DNS Server (two is recommended, any number is supported)
Server #5: MySQL Server - Unix/Linux (for database hosting)
Server #6: Unix RealServer
Server #7: PGSQL Server (for database hosting)
Server #8: Windows Web Server (for NT hosting)
Server #9: MSSQL Server - Windows (for database hosting)
Server #10: Windows RealServer
Server #11: Zeus server
Server #12: VPS server

You can put servers 1 through 6 to one or more boxes combining them any way you want.
The Control Panel server is required; other servers can be installed at later times.

You need more than one box if you are going to offer one of the following:
1. Windows hosting: Windows web, MS SQL, and Windows Real servers are set up separately on Windows 2000/2003 platform and can also be combined in any possible way.
2. PostreSQL database hosting: PGSQL server for user database hosting can't share the box with the control panel server, because the latter runs with system PG SQL database.
3. VPS hosting: Virtual Private Servers require special software that is installed on a separate RedHat 7.3 box.

If you are going to install 4RWeb Panel to only one computer, make sure it is at least Pentium II, 200MHz, 512RAM, 1GB HDD free. This will allow to host only a small number of customers. Adding SiteStudio will require at least 500MHz CPU and 512 RAM. See also Configuring servers for the 4RWeb Panel installation .

    Other Requirements:
  • Full control of DNS, mail, web and other hosting servers is a must while installation and testing.
  • NV Manager can be installed only on public IPs.
  • Control Panel can use either PostgreSQL or Oracle.
  • You will also need a Full Access account at OpenSRS to provide domain registration services.
  • To accept credit cards in real-time, you will need an account and gateway access through one of the supported merchant gateways

4RWeb, Inc recommends Processing Credit Cards Payment Solutions.
    Supported software:
  • Control Panel Operating Systems:
  • RedHat Linux 7.2, 7.3
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux up to v.3.0 (ES/WS/AS)
  • FreeBSD 4.8 and 4.9

  • Apache 1.3.x (Linux and FreeBSD)
  • CGI support
  • FrontPage Extensions 2000
  • IIS 5.0 (Windows 2000 and 2003)

  • Miva Shopping Cart (Linux, FreeBSD and Windows)
  • Miva Empresa

    Database Hosting:
  • MySQL server
  • MS SQLserver
  • PostgreSQL

    DNS Servers:
  • Bind 8.2.x

    Mail Servers:
  • Qmail and vpopmail
  • POP-before-SMTP
  • ezmlm

  • RealSystem Server ISP

    Internal Database Support:
  • Oracle 8.x
  • PostgreSQL 7.x
  • MS SQL
Java 2.0 and servlets support is required for control panel. Perl 5.x is required by Unix servers.


NV Manager ensures data and transaction security at all levels, including:
- Site performance under site owner (both Unix and Windows);
- SSL / shared SSL certificate support for individual domains;
- SSL encryption for the entire control panel.

However, we find it important to emphasize that the security of the server at the lowest level must be provided by the system administrator.
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